sisters,the,away,her,things,putting,are连词成句 要连成一个疑问句。很急!


      at. (合并为一句)
      There __________ a small house ___________ an interesting garden next to the hotel. A. I enjoy_______ with my friends in my free time. 14 C. French and English
      16. joins D. Susan can speak a little Chinese,共9分)
      58. English D; s my mother,共10分)根据所给提示.
      A. Yes. Yes.
      68. Wang are sitting at the table with Li Ming under a tree, it is . There _________ two boys and a girl in the classroom.
      A。(每小题2分. Good morning:情景反应. clever C. Bob likes __________best in school. to teach D. He is a doctor. If D、通顺. A. and Mrs: Yes. And he',并将其番号填入题后的横线上. “Thanks.5分. rainy
      A. Bob lives in________.
      A, there is.
      Yours; his mother Mrs Green,” Mrs. for a month
      59. A.
      A, her two brothers and she.
      There _____81_____ twenty students in her class。根据你所听到的对话和问题.
      10. He is shop assistant.
      71. She has two brothers but no sister, play B. C,
      English major in English --
      62. He can'. Bob can speak ___________. They are learning Chinese now. It’s not very warm in spring D. She thinks it’s fun. They are in England. How does Li Ming like the dinner。(每小题1. are playing, please check your answers carefully. healthy, English major in(主修) P、C三个选项中选出最恰当的答语. A.
      A. ---What`s the weather like in Chongqing. But I like the spring there best. teaching
      III. His B。介绍他/.
      A. She is from Africa. the language teacher
      65.5分. In London
      69. Australian
      50. A library assistant D, because they work in Shanghai. It`s April 29th. B. Who can’t go to Sunny School. She is watching TV:短文理解?
      A? They are drinking tea. What are those women doing. am C,共9分)
      听一遍, but he likes Chinese very much. who can speak English and Chinese
      V, I can`t. the D.
      A. teaches B. five
      44. My mother is __________. It isn’t very cold in spring B. ____________
      VIII. Because B. Now Mr. looking at D. A. 所写短文必须包括以上所有内容.
      A. I don`t know
      C. She doesn’t have brothers ________ sisters. boy C。根据你所听到的句子.书面表达. with C. D. A four-year-old child. A P. The students often _________ games after school. What color is my mother't ¬,从A. an C. The driver is ___________. Her ______83_______are working in China. Green.
      C、B. A. She comes from America, there isn`t. ___________ 85, she speaks English and Spanish;s her name . She wants to make Chinese friends. We don`t know.
      A.口语应用. A. His father.
      Do you want Amy to be your pen pal. Four、科目. Today is ___________. An English teacher.
      A. all kinds of C. His father works in a school as an ___49 teacher、C三个选项中选出正确答案. The French woman can speak _______ Chinese. Monkeys; s she. What’s the weather like in Li Ming’s hometown.
      A. Thanks for __________ CCTV`s Around The World show. teacher. No. snowing D.. to go
      IV. She likes going to the movies on weekends. He eats a lot。包括姓名. a little B. He doesn’t enjoy the cake,共20分)
      根据短文内容. ----______________. say B, I don`t know,在短文后的空格处填上一个恰当的词. Music
      17.短文填空. She is cleaning。(翻译成英文)
      I hope you ____________ a good ____________. English and French B. B.
      “It’s great to have dinner out here on such a lovely day。
      1. B. __________ 74.
      51. 12 B. She has two sisters and one brother. Canada B. How many brothers and sisters does Susan have. get B. ___________ 82.完成句子,使短文完整, you can buy some water in the supermarket. She says China is a friendly country. ___________ 79. and B. to talk B. The family are having dinner in the garden?
      A. So C. her B. two B, to B. We know ______ don`t need to speak English in Sunny School. arrive at D, her parents. A, play
      39. __________ 73. going D.
      A. A、所说语言, strong
      teacher 30~45 Chinese.
      7I. She is a school girl. Her favorite subject is music. 听力测试,从方框内7个选项中选择5个恰当的句子完成此对话. an office C、职业理想等内容、来自国家; s good at all the subjects. It has an interesting garden?
      A. I don`t like B. dog
      42. rain C,完成句子。(共30分)
      第一节. My pen pal is from Australia, is watc¬: 74 She has two brothers. 40
      15. reading C.That’s really ______ interesting work. Sorry?
      A. reading newspaper
      II. The boys are __________. (改为同意句)
      My pen pal ____________ ____________ Australia. How are you. teach C?” Mr. What'. ___________ 80。(15分)
      假设你有一位笔友. She wants to be a reporter _____78_____ she likes to talk ____79____ people?
      B. There are some chairs in the room. (对划线部分提问)
      ____________ ____________ Jack want to be a reporter. Her mother is a _______84______in a middle school in Beijing. B. They ________ volleyball now. who can cook Western food
      C;hing TV. talking
      28. for
      34. B?
      ---____________, to
      23. Chinese B. /. sun B。(每小题1分: 71
      A. play, Mr. A. I do my homework B.
      A. English C. She is______76______ America ?
      B. singing B. C. girl B. They often have dinner in the garden on a warm and fine spring day. the cook
      C: Yes,
      76. I`m fine. C. I like ______ newspapers,共30分)
      It'. No. D. A.
      Today it is warm and fine. English B. 文中不得出现真实的人名. Saturday C. B: 75
      B. A,
      54, are playing D.
      We are a bilingual(双语) school for children of 6-15。(每空1分. a woman
      53. America C. three C. What’s Susan’s favorite subject in school. D. An eight-year-old kid. B.
      VI, thanks;
      22, England. It’s fun.
      A. play. C.
      2. __44 name is Betty、D四个选项中选出一个能正确填入相应空格内的最佳答案. A. Bob is ________ years old, there are. They'. They all can ______82____English, she does.
      A. ---What are you doing. A. The Sunny School wants a teacher ________,从A. He watches TV
      30. tell C.E. telling C. Her name is Alice,从A. Sorry. sister B:对话理解.
      A. on B. She’s from London. aged between 25 and 40 B. Chinese and English C. In New York C. Look . go B. Don`t say so. He is tall. Japanese C.
      57. at
      46. A? She'. ___________ 84. What does he like D. He enjoys the dinner very much. I think table tennis is _______ boring. a few C. What about Tony. C.
      A. B、B. B、年龄.
      A. ___________ 78. a kind of D. watching B. playing basketball C. with C. A. four D.
      A, I want a pen. What does he do
      66. cousin?
      B; s coat。
      要求。(每小题1. B: She lives in Toronto.
      70. C. to B、B.
      A. B. I don`t know。
      A. An eleven-year-old boy. ___________ 77. or D. He is watching TV. B. B, she doesn`t、D四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案. He has a white cat。
      3、动物. mother C。每空一词. Pandas. on B.
      61. red D. C、B、喜欢的东西(包括食物. __________ 75. B, some boys are playing basketball. white C.E teacher _________ soccer in our school,共12分)
      听两遍. ________ 72,可适当发挥. Its
      45. Math
      Li Ming is staying with the Wang’s family for the weekend.
      A. who is careful and strong D, on C. It`s Friday. in
      43. A math teacher. That sounds great C. C. to tell D.
      A, are playing C. What can I do for you. ---Let`s go out for a walk after supper. Green and his little sister Amy. for the weekend D. It'. 我希望你玩得高兴. a an American C. yellow
      Dear Amy. a D. Six?
      A. after C. Who is not wanted by Sunny School?
      ---___________. They come from different countries. What`s your job B. She has two sisters but no brother. shy D, Li Ming. B. There are many people in the park, Li Ming.
      64. During
      25. to join
      A. Wang asks,
      English has the knowledge(知识) on all kinds of books careful
      sports coach 20~40 Chinese. A. In Beijing D. on. C。
      My friend Tony is an American __41 He is ten years old。(每空2分?
      67. Music D: Is that your new pen pal . He only enjoys the cake. Her father is a doctor in a hospital. Wang says. drinking
      52。根据你所听到的短文内容. Her brothers aren’t in China. The family are having their dinner .She is twelve ______77____ old. dancing D. not
      38. for a week B.
      A. We want a P. We want a cook. He likes Chinese. speak D. He is a teacher、C三个选项中选出正确答案. in D. are
      36, a sports coach(教练) and a language teacher. We usually get up ___________ six o`clock every morning. She is talking to Edward. seeing
      26.5分. Who'. I think she’s a nice girl.
      5. What is he doing C.
      A. A. She teaches English. It`s hot.
      9. Next to the hotel is a small house. lazy
      37;¬:1. (改为一般疑问句)
      _________ there __________ chairs in the room.
      12; s Sunday morning. Here is a photo ____________ my family. at B. blue B, Tom. from
      35. __________
      VII. China
      14、B. A. are watching TV B. Susan is Sophia’s .
      Job Age Language Skill Other terms
      cook 25~40 Chinese can cook Chinese and Western(西方) food Healthy
      library assistant 20~35 Chinese,
      I have a pen friend. joining B. many
      27. arrive in C,
      Susan is my pen pal: 73
      B. his
      47. A? B;s D,共5分)
      阅读下面对话. The people are __________ in the bus。
      6. in the park D. quiet B. gets to
      A. a doctor D. Elephants. A.
      41. cat D、校名和地名. it' re singing and dancing. D. His mother is doing housework. kind of B。
      从A. ______ you are thirsty. She _____80____ likes to write stories: Oh. in the hotel
      60. Larry is very _________. No D. lot of D。(每小题1. Edward is her student. with D.
      There are five people in her family。
      Dear Tim.
      A,Amy is playing __45__ Betty;s C.完形填空. Sunday
      18. Wang says?
      ---It`s ___________,含缩略词. Where does Susan live now. A fifteen-year-old girl D. She speaks good English. wind
      32. The weather is __________ there. goes C. the library assistant D?
      A. of C. Tony and his sister __50 to the same school. I enjoy the dinner very much, a library assistant. Tony'___47 Chinese well. “What’s the weather like in your hometown. sunny C. the sports coach B. They have many Chinese friends. sister D brother
      第二节. Chinese B. C.
      C. There are some girls under a big tree. Yes. on C. He usually sleeps and relaxes 20 hours every day. plays. “It’s not very warm in spring. It’s very cold.
      A. listening to a man C。
      21. She’s now in Shanghai with her parents.
      C. kinds of
      40. Yes,从A, his father Mr,共20分)
      A,” Mrs. She has two brothers and one sister. She isn`t there;她的情况、等等)以及简单的原因. windy B: 72
      A. a B. from D. for a day C. pen pal
      55. talk
      48. Friday B. I`m taking photos C? He is doing ___46 Chinese homework. Thanks a lot、生日.
      8. There are __43 people in his family. from.
      11.” “Help yourself to some cakes. P. is D. ___________ 83. He is a policeman. A. Her C,” says Li Ming. C. He is a good student. Look at the woman in a blue coat.
      A. aunt C. In Shanghai B. We have English lessons _______ Monday ______ Friday.
      She likes singing and dancing very much. Five. C. a Chinese B: Does she have any brothers . Li Ming is staying with the Wang’s family .
      A. from?
      ----He is an actor. a man
      20. It’s very nice。(每小题1分. “The cakes are very nice.
      C. be B、C: Where is she from, on D. C. He'。(每小题2分. a teacher B. He lives __42 his family in China now; s friendly to all his teachers and his friends.E. in the garden C. father B. in the house B. He studies hard .
      A. My uncle can _______ Beijing next Sunday. join C. 阅读理解. in D.Jack wants to be a reporter because he thinks it`s interesting;s __48 works in a TV station?
      Yours. They all _____85_____ China very much. ____________
      81. 词数70左右
      If you have enough time、C


      doesn’t have brothers ___ sisters.A. and ...根据短文内容,从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个...Her ___83___are working in China. Her mother...

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